Earthing aka grounding

Earthing or grounding is one the most powerful health pursuits we can include in our day.

 The science on  Earthing.

Excerpt from the book ‘EARTHING ‘By Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra MD, Martin Zucker. I added a few bits .

Mother earth aka Gaia  or Mama Pacha is a six trillion (that’s six followed by twenty one zeros,)metric ton battery that is continually being replenished by solar radiation and  lightening.  Just like a battery in a car that keeps the motor running and the wheels turning, so too, do the rhythmic pulsations of natural energy flowing through and emanating from the surface of the earth keep the biological machinery of mother earth running in rhythm and balance for everything that lives on the land or sea.

We are each us a collection of dynamic electrical circuits. Trillions of cells constantly transmit and receiving energy.

The sole  (or planter surface) of the foot is richly covered with 1,300 nerve endings per square inch. That’s More than any other part of the body of comparable Size.

The movement of water and nutrients into the cells is regulated by electric fields, and each type of cell has a frequency range at which it operates. Your heart, brain, nervous system, muscles and immune system are prime examples of electrical subsystems operating within your bio-electric body.

2016. Lib in headstand. Magnetic island, Horseshoe Bay.

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