If we look closely at this chart of Meridians we see channels of energy or chi moving through the body. These channels are the exactly same on both sides of the body and each channel correlates to a vital organ .
What excites me is that we don’t need to do a lot of difficult  yoga. Just a few easy yin yoga postures can activate all of our meridians leaving us feeling amazing.

HOW IT WORKS..This very restful  yin yoga posture> left < called Sukasana aka easy pose (supported with chair)  is activating  a few really important  meridians.
 The Tripple warmer meridian moves through part of the face, the neck, shoulders and arms.      Reactive emotion: flight flight or freeze      Balanced emotions : feeling safe    Affirmation :’ I am safe’
The governing meridian moves through parts of the face, the neck, and spine.     Reactive emotion : no courage   Balanced emotions : sense of courage       Affirmation :’This is easy I can do it’
The pericardium meridian moves through the upper chest, arm pit and  inner arm.           Reactive emotion: overwhelmed  & neglecting health    Balanced emotions : taking care of self       Affirmation  ‘ I attend to my self with love’
The stomach meridian moves through  parts of the face, front of neck, chest , torso, belly, groin, thighs,  knees, ankles and  feet.          Reactive emotion : obsessive worry       Balanced emotions :  Trust in big picture      Affirmation:  ‘I trust in my process completely sand deeply.’
The kidney meridian moves through chest  torso , belly, legs calves and soul of foot.    Reactive emotion: isolation &shame     Balanced emotions :   kindness towards self  Affirmation .’I and kind and gentle toward my self ‘.
The liver meridian, moves through the  torso, digestive area, groin, inner thigh, calf muscles, ankles, top of foot.   Reactive emotions: anger, guilt.    Balanced emotions : loving towards self.     Affirmation: I am no longer angry at myself , I like myself.
SO how do we know we are activating a meridian? HOW DO WE KNOW WE ARE HEALING..?
Fact is any and all stretches and exercise will active your meridians.
Sitting at a desk will not.Sitting at a desk might create what looks like  stagnant pond.!
However exercise is only a part of the story isn’t it . ”  WE ARE WHAT WE EAT ”  which leads me to the idea of Balance.
Being healthy is a balancing act.  Being healthy doesn’t have to cost  a lot of money when you know you live in a miraculous body of light  than can be easily manipulated with sound healing movement healing and meditation.

Parsvakonasana. In this  posture I’m activating every meridian.

In this posture I’m activating my liver meridian , stomach meridian and kidney meridians in particular.