A meridian is a channel of energy .


Acupuncturists and shiatsu therapists stimulate
  the meridians in various ways to
promote well being in their clients.


These channels are the exactly same on both
sides of the body and each channel
correlates to a vital organ similarly to
chakras although they are not the chakras.


What excites me is that we don’t need to do a lot
of difficult  yoga to stimulate our meridians.


  Just a few easy yin yoga postures can activate
all of our meridians leaving us feeling amazing.
In fact I beleive that just about every posture
we do no matter how simple we are activating
many vital meridian
In the yoga room we use specific meridian
charts that tell us what meridian
runs thru what part of the body.


EG: The KIDNEY  MERIDIAN moves from

sternum, through solar plexus area  down
  belly, groin, inner thigh to inner ankle and beneath the foot.



In This very restful  yin yoga posture called Sukasana
(often done with head resting on a chair  )
  he ‘s  activating  these  important
meridians below
even though he seems restful.
The triple warmer meridian; The governing meridian;
 The pericardium meridian;  The stomach meridian
 & The kidney meridian

The Trippe warmer meridian

  moves through part of the face, the neck, shoulders and arms.      

The governing meridian

 moves through parts of the face, the neck, and spine.

The pericardium(heart) meridian

moves through the upper chest, arm pit and  inner arm.     

The stomach meridian

moves through  parts of the face,
front of neck, chest , torso,
belly, groin, thighs,  knees, ankles and  feet.    

The kidney meridian

moves through chest, torso,belly
 legs, calves and soul of foot.

The liver meridian

moves through the torso, digestive area, groin,
inner thigh, calf muscles, ankles, top of foot.   


Fact is any and all stretches and exercise
will active your meridians.

Parsvakonasana. In this  posture I’m activating every meridian.


In this posture I’m activating my liver meridian , stomach meridian and kidney meridians in particular.

love u lib