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Updated June 20th 2024



Our FRIDAY 11AM class has been
running for almost
10years.   My long term
regular students
see it as valuable  maintenance…
 so, we don’t take a
break,  not
even for a public holidays.
This indicates the gentle and
  therapeutic nature
of  gentle (yin) yoga really works.
  After  decades of teaching I notice that long
term very regular gentle yoga creates  subtle  changes  in our
physiology, which is incremental,
meaning these subtle changes keep growing ,
leading us to a happier, healthier life .
I focus on very
gentle  stretches combined
breath work,
with the intent to
~bring you home to your body
by calming erratic thinking.
 ~to balance your blood-gasses ,
oxygenating your mind/ body.
~to change your brain waves
from frantic to grounded.
$20.00 per  regular weekly class
parking on street.
 beginners welcome.
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My sauna  is a roomy 2 seater with long glass panels
so you will never feel claustrophobic.
Most of my regular students use the sauna



for about 20 mins during the first part of
the class  in meditation with clothes on. 
They get out before they begin to perspire ,
therefore there is no need to remove clothes for the sauna.
Often a student wishes  to do a deep detox in
which case most clothes are taken off , lots
of water  is consumed and for privacy a large
room divider is placed in front of it.
The science states that far infrared saunas
create an alkali environment in the body,
this encourages rapid detox, easy weight loss and muscle healing.
In my personal experience it was a
game changer. Since 2011 I’ve used
it a few times a week during which
time  I discovered that  just 10
minutes reduces my pain and alters my mood.
These outcomes are not placebo ,
they are a result of  the rapid  alkalizing
affect of all  far infrared saunas.



new phone> 0414398347






new phone> 0414398347

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