NAMASTE,  Welcome to my web site.

I hope you are well and ‘IN THE LIGHT’, in other words I hope you are feeling the JOY of being a human being. It really is a gift, although sometimes we need a little help to feel it.

I’m  really excited to  announce my first, ‘Mind Full’ Meditation Weekend Retreat.

Females only atm. This  is due to limited space..not feminism. I dont like any ‘ism’

I’ll eventually have massive bell tent out back  for a ‘mixed dorm ‘

They weekends  will be held  at my home in HEALesville over the weekend ofJan 11th  &  12th 2020

cost $250.00~ $350.00

I’ll charge according to your chosen accommodation~

Camping in my backyard ~There is plenty of room for a few 2 man tents.  $ 250

Shared room  in my home~with one other woman ~$300

Private room  with queen bed mattress~  $350

BEGINS~ Sat  11th Jan midday ish.

FIN. ~ Sunday afternoon.


I’m aware of traffic issues so I’m very flexible with time . I’m not bothered when students are late.


text me NOW


MY INTENT is to eventually hold a mind FULL MEDITATION retreat  every WEEKEND at my home.

THE ‘DORM’~ I’m going to be putting 2 very nice SINGLE mattress’s in here. THE COST FOR THIS ROOM IS $300.                   The QUEEN BED room inst finished  yet.  The PICS BELOW ARE of course my beautiful 100%   ORGANIC BEE  GARDEN .

What kind of meditation ?

Below are my 7 most successful MEDITATION  techniques.

Most of which I  gleaned from THE YOGA SUTRAS by PATANJALI  .



SAMAHDI EXPLAINED ~ Samahdi  is a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation and is  the means used to dive through consciousness.

THE 7  meditation techniques below are what I have  worked with for over 20 years.These techniques enable to me to meditate deeply when ever I choose to.

The idea is we practice them all then we decide which one or which combination works best for us.


1/BREATHE pranayam~ Oxygenates the entire cellular body. Alters the bodies physiology with in 7 mins. Reduces stress, hi blood pressure and pain.

2/ LISTEN suniai~Really listen. Focus only on the tiniest of  sounds, or the sounds that are the  farthest away. This will lead to a quiet mind. We will  listen my crystal bowl  and various other absolutely stunning meditation pieces I have been listening to for 20 years..

3/ FEEL pratyahara~Withdraw  the senses from the outer world.  Focus on the smallest of physical sensations  like Breathing,or the heart beat. Feel the temperature of the air as it enters and then leaves the nostrils. This too will quiet the mind.

4/COUNT I like to use  counting to break the habit of  ordinary thinking . I count when I breathe. Mala beads fall into this category .They have 108 beads.  Counting to 108 or repeating anything 108 times is potent work . I DO IT DAILY . My most repeated mantra is THANKU ♥  Why thank you  ?  Ive researched resonance , vibration and  frequency thoroughly. I believe that being grateful creates greatness  thus great outcomes .

5/CREATE  creative visualization~See in your minds eye great aqua oceans, or  swim with dolphins..or  imagine the perfect job or even a romantic dinner with the man of your dreams.

6/ SING   I sing sanskrit and sihk prayers on you tube. i love it

7/  PRAY    My daily  prayers fall into the singing category.I don’t actually pray.I dont need to as I TRUST aka I have faith …I just  sing along to ancient prayer.  However,  I  do know many women who do pray so I honor that as a meditation technique. It’s pure quantum healing in fact.

more info coming

please text me NOW  if you have questions




If you do need yoga, pilates  and or meditation  regularly I’m  taking private  classes.  A private  class is  ideal for one or two people.

The investment for a private class with me is :

$30.00 for one hr 

$50.00 for two  hrs

We shall discuss, explore, and attend to your new and old injuries.

OR we can do a  semi silent hatha yoga class.


You choose when we hold the session.


$50.00=  two hours

  $30.00 = one hour


 The sauna is included in the  $30.00 or $50.00. The Far Infra Red Sauna  lives in the yoga room – see pic. Its a 2 seater. The science suggests this kind of sauna is a rapid alkalizer, in other words its really good medicine as no dis-EASE can exits in AN ALKALI ENVIRONMENT.


FAR INFRARED SAUNA: rapid alkalizer

EASY PILATES : THERAPEUTIC > PELVIC/ SPINAL ALIGNMENT>I  teach simple easy pilates  moves and stretches , at the same time the student gives me feed back about how that feels. This gives me important information as the body is highly intelligent. Working this way slowly helps eliminate old soft tissue pain THROUGHOUT THE  ENTIRE BODY , eventually allowing for actual pilates (see below) where we go hard  and  create interior/ core strength and a new body if are willing to practice at home daily.

GENERAL PILATES :   BUILD CORE STRENGTH >PELVIC FLOOR >pilates combines yoga stretches and pretty triky moves that Joseph Pilates invented.  It was the early  1900’s he was a dancer a boxer a yogi and a trapaese artist ,  war broke out, he found himself imprisoned  but  as well he had  an injured spine and no one to help so he decide to heal himself whilst on his bunk – he adapted all kinds of found objects to aide his healing.   …genius   I love it. You will too . i think its the quickest way to get results…but we do need to practice at home.. ill give u a few exercises to practice each week. I was never a fan of home work but when it comes to our bodies …home work is essential.  id like daily exercise to become everyone’s habit.

Regardless of how wonderful Pilates is like all things if done incorrectly can easily injure us. So when practicing it we must put our ego away and go slow .  until the core strength is such that u cannot injure ur spine… then its a free for all 😉

BOOT CAMP PILATES  : BODY SCULPT>HI CARDIO>we can only go a head with boot camp pilates  if  your spine pelvis are %100 .You MUST NOT  HAVE SCIATICA   .

Boot camp Pilates is a blast.  I used to teach it with loud music to about 20 young women . It didn’t take long for us to be  dripping wet .  Its pretty much like being in a gym.  I give you challenging  work to complete . You breath thru it.. and get super  fit, however like all things injuries can occur…I cant feel what the student feels.. so ask the student to stop immediately  if pain begins… the old no pain no gain is bs… fact is  . pain is a warning system .

EASY YIN YOGA :  THERAPEUTIC >very gentle, easy stretches mostly  seated or laying down with a focus on gentle controlled breath work. Using  a chair instead of the floor is ok too.

IYENGA YOGA : DIFFICULT YOGA > when you are   fit and strong I’m happy to go there, but until the hips knees back are string I will not .  when  I was a 20 yr old Iyengar yoga was  fashionable.  It became  my  first love in the yoga realms.Unfortunately I’ts very patriarchal in nature,push push – ignore all pain !  Eventually it caused  much un wanted stress on my some what broken ballet body so I  let go of the mind set and approached the same postures with a yin-soft- mind.

PRANAYAMA : BEGINNERS BREATHWORK  >  MAXIMIZE OXYGEN IN BLOOD  > SOOTH VEGUS NERVE  >  BALANCE BRAIN CHEMISTRY Breathing isn’t rocket science, we’ve all been doing it day and night for our entire lives . I use a simple de stress breath in for 3 out for 3…  and hold…always Via the  nostrils.

If your nose is blocked you  may have may issues with your  diet.

NUTRITIONAL ADVICE : .SOME FOOD IS MEDICINE  > SOME WILL KILL US SLOWLY >  I studied natural medicine in USA in the 80s. I didn’t certify as I  came  home to Oz .  However I did learn alot and have applied it since 2001  ive grown herbs for  heart disease ….all bacterial issues… insomnia..low blood pressure etc  etc … the majority of my knowledge is based on herbalism and bowel cleansing , managing pain naturally via  alkalizing the body with good food.  I’ve also studied permaculture aka sustainable organic farming , and learned a lot about the nutritional value of the weeds that grow naturally among us in our back yards . Providing we have never sprayed the area  with weed killer these weeds  really are super foods with the  best nutrition ever.

MEDITATION :  ”GO WITHIN OR GO WITH OUT” >   THE GOOD NEWS IS IF U DO THE BREATH WORK  FOR LONG ENOUGH YOU WILL MEDITATE.       Over the past 23 yrs I have  fine tuned 7 scientifically  very easy meditation techniques…..They are not new, I did not invent them, I make no claim to them as many healers do . But I have studied  and practiced them thoroughly. Ive  taught them in over 700o classes thus have  proof they work


A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME    I’ve been teaching Hatha Yoga in HEALesville since 1999, in fact I’ve taught over 7000 classes in the Yarra Valley Since 1999. Before that I taught regular classes in Fitzroy.

If you want to know more about me, including my CV  spanning 25 yrs , click on the ‘ABOUT ME ‘page.


the yoga room now- set up for private sessions

A gentle YIN YOGA stretch with head supported on wall. This posture is one of my favorites.

Iyengar Yoga posture. supported handstand.


Iyengar yoga. Headstand. I was leaning against the tree.

Heart chakra~ANAHATA~ Acrylic on board 2019

All private classes include a far infrared sauna if you wish. clothes on with door open ..clothes off with a towel …You choose… .Can u see chloe in the sauna ?

Maroondah Dam reservoir summer 2018

 If you wish to check out my style of teaching  you can  find my u tube channel  by clicking  on the tiny little grey utube icon top right hand corner of this page. Alternately email >libbymitchell108@gmail.com

Maroondah Dam 2017. I Meditate with this very old giant Sequoia~Cali Red Wood regularly.

Stretching aka Hatha Yoga @ Maroondah Dam Wall  winter ‘YOGA AT HE DAM’ 2018


THE old yoga room..pre 2017 floods



MY MISSION STATEMENT~~~MY  Intention  is to be of use to you, to  build you up, to make you realize that you are amazing and that  you  can  heal your own body. The only thing that is missing is information.  Once the body becomes more alkali than acidic we begin to think differently, we become smarter ! or a better way to say that is~ when we r alkali, we are simply the best version of ourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to read my web site when so many of us are too busy to read AT ALL.