HELLO OLA NAMASTE Welcome to my web site.

I hope you are well and ‘IN THE LIGHT’, in other words I hope you are feeling the JOY of being a human being. It really is a gift, although sometimes we need a little help to ‘SEE’ IT .

As many of you already know Our beloved yoga room flooded  in 2017.  At which time our long term regular drop in classes stopped with no warning. It was a shock, but I was ready for change. I’m so very grateful for this outcome as my life has altered dramatically. Now, I’m  taking smaller private classes and making a bigger difference in peoples lives. This gives me great joy.

For more info on privates go to the’ WHATS NEW’ page.

All private classes include a far infrared sauna if u wish

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME    I’ve been teaching Hatha Yoga in HEALesville since 1999, in fact I’ve taught over 7000 classes in the Yarra Valley Since 1999. Before that I taught regular classes in Fitzroy.

If you want to know more about me, including my CV  spanning 25 yrs , click on the ‘ABOUT ME ‘page.

Maroondah Dam reservoir summer 2018

Even though I no longer have my  drop in  classes  i’m  loving taking private sessions……GO TO ”’WHATS NEW ”PAGE .  For those that cant afford  privates I offer free yoga via my utube channel. You will find the UTUBE icon at the top of the page.

The NEW Yoga Room . Private classes 1-2 hrs $50.00 1-3 people. Includes Far Infrared Sauna

 If you wish to check out my style of teaching  you can  find my u tube channel  by clicking  on the tiny little grey utube icon top right hand corner of this page. Alternately email >libbymitchell108@gmail.com

Maroondah Dam 2017. I Meditate with this very old giant Sequoia~Cali Red Wood regularly.

Stretching aka Hatha Yoga @ Maroondah Dam Wall  winter ‘YOGA AT HE DAM’ 2018


THE old yoga room..pre 2017 floods



MY MISSION STATEMENT~~~MY  Intention  is to be of use to you, to  build you up, to make you realize that you are amazing and that  you  can  heal your own body. The only thing that is missing is information.  Once the body becomes more alkali than acidic we begin to think differently, we become smarter ! or a better way to say that is~ when we r alkali, we are simply the best version of ourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to read my web site when so many of us are too busy to read AT ALL.