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Hi, Namaste, I’m Libby. Welcome ! click on pic for my U TUBE.

 Hi Namaste.. welcome

Updated November 25th 2023

 My regular weekly classes will slow over the holidays.

WEDNESDAY  Class will stop  29th of NOV  and will begin again in FEB 2024…

FRIDAY   11am class will continue as usual through  the holidays


Parking on the street.

All welcome.

No experience needed.

$20.00 per  regular weekly class



 Teacher training info… 4 months > 8 modules ~ (  8,   3 hr Classes)

   From Feb 2024 and again from July 2024

8 modules/ classes

Each module/class  is 3 hours long and will be taught IN PERSON (not negotiable) at my Healesville studio on a Sunday 11am~2pm.  Those dates will be made available shortly.

The modules will be given to you head of time so that you can study them.

Each class/ module  will be recorded so that you can listen to them when ever you wish.

This course is going to run again in 2025   so,  if you cant do Sunday 11am~2pm at my healesville studio  in 2024  you may be able to do so in 2025.

cost …$2400 payable any way you like.

Long term  payment plan available.

Long term student scholarship available.

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My sauna  is a roomy 2 seater with long glass panels
so you will never feel claustrophobic.
Most of my regular students use the sauna
for about 20 mins during the first part of
the class  in meditation with clothes on. 
They get out before they begin to perspire ,
therefore there is no need to remove clothes for the sauna.
Often a student wishes  to do a deep detox in
which case most clothes are taken off , lots
of water  is consumed and for privacy a large
room divider is placed in front of it.
The science states that far infrared saunas
create an alkali environment in the body,
this encourages rapid detox, easy weight loss and muscle healing.
In my personal experience it was a
game changer. Since 2011 I’ve used
it a few times a week during which
time  I discovered that  just 10
minutes reduces my pain and alters my mood.
These outcomes are not placebo ,
they are a result of  the rapid  alkalizing
affect of all  far infrared saunas.

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2016. Lib in headstand. Magnetic island, Horseshoe Bay.

me on my rebounded ~marketing meme




new phone> 0414398347

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