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New Winter class schedule

from August 15 2022

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No need to book in.
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ALL welcome.
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I remain open as usual over the school holidays and public holidays
EASY YIN (bliss out) YOGA
  My Yin Yoga classes are  yoga therapy .
My yin yoga is very gentle,very slow and most
importantly very easy.
I always focus on the individual student as every 
body is different.
It’s my job to teach you variations of  yoga postures
  that never cause you any pain.
This is why it’s yoga therapy.
It’s designed to be
therapeutic to the individual.
Yoga should be blissful.
When the body is blissing out in a yoga posture it tells us we
have aligned our Nadis and Meridians.
( Nadis and Meridians are both light channels that run through
the entire human body  according to the ancient Yogi sages.)
When this happens we know we ARE reflections of source.
Its no longer an idea or a hopeful philosophical idea.
It’s a real feeling and its life changing IF we do it often enough.
   Truth is WE ARE made  of  LIGHT and when
we access it we feel revitalized in ways we may have never experienced.
However our  Merdiains and Nadis
will only benefit  when  our  vibration ~(cymatic value)  is good.
  In simple terms this means if we are stressing out
about how we look in the yoga posture ( in an egoic mind)
instead of chilling out  (in trust and love mind )
  we wont feel the majic of yoga..
Most (not all) yin  stretches are  seated or laying  down.
See the Yin yoga page
    Over the past 23 yrs I have fine tuned and taught  5 
very easy scientifically proven meditation techniques.
They are not new, I did not invent them,
I make no claim to them as many healers do .
But I have studied  and practiced them thoroughly.
Ive  taught them  for over 2 decades thus have proof they work.
THE 5  meditation techniques below are
what I have  worked with for over 20 years.
These techniques enable to me to
meditate deeply when ever I choose to.
Breath-work-PRANAYAMA  Allows the mind
  to focus on something other than thinking.
Its not until we reach the
mountains we realize that we have been
living in noise pollution.
Listening withdraws the senses  from the  outer
world allowing us to  focus only on the tiniest of  sounds.
listening to mantra prayer or nature sounds is
excellent practice and will  lead to a quiet mind.
Feeling aka Pratyahara means
to withdraw our  senses from the outer world.
To Focus on the smallest of physical sensations
  with in the body .
Like the temperature of the air as
it enters and then leave the nostrils.
Like the feeling of the fabric 
as move across my back as i take deep breath.
Like the gentle rhythm of the heart beat.
This technique  is  about feeling the
tiniest of sensations and remaining
in that feeling for as long as one can
so as to slow and simplify the mind 
for a little while.
This technique is my invention.
Ive researched and  have found no one doing the same .
When we count with strong intent
we CANNOT think,
therefore it’s a valid form of meditation.
I  use counting  through my day to
break the habit of  ordinary thinking
aka vritti svarupya.
I have specific counts for specific states of mind I wish to alter.
It works well as my belief system allows it to.
In class we count to 108 with the intent to
slow or stop thinking.
 My students experience more success with this technique over all others.
The reason it’s so successful is that when we count we use
a different part of the brain
and put to rest the thinking part of the brain.
At first most people can count and think at the same time
but with strong intention  and practice
we can just count with out  thinking .
When we stop thinking we are  allowing the
body to experience a profound  shift in all of the body systems ,
leading to almost immediate de~stress.
Mala beads have 108 beads. 
Counting to 108 or repeating
any  mantra  108 times is potent work .
Visualization aka  day dreaming is  
a useful way to change our hectic mind.
I’ve done many visualizations
  Here  is one of my favorites and most often enjoyed.
I’m sitting in front of a camp
fire on a comfy rug or comfy chair ,
beyond the little round camp fire is a
beautiful lake or ocean.
The water is  so still you
can clearly see the reflection of the full moon .
The moon, the fire, and round camp
fire are all very symbolic and affect
change without  us really knowing about it.
I  teach simple easy pilates  moves and stretches ,
at the same time the student gives
me feed back about how that feels.
Pilates creates core strength,
  pelvic floor strength, better spinal
alignment and better muscle tone.
Regardless of how wonderful Pilates
is like all things if done incorrectly
can easily injure us. So when practicing
it we must put our ego away and go slow.
feel like a sauna?
My sauna  is a roomy 2 seater with long glass panels
so you will never feel claustrophobic.
Most of my regular students use the sauna
for about 20 mins during the first part of
the class  in meditation with clothes on. 
They get out before they begin to perspire ,
therefore there is no need to remove clothes for the sauna.
Often a student wishes  to do a deep detox in
which case most clothes are taken off , lots
of water  is consumed and for privacy a large
room divider is placed in front of it.
The science states that far infrared saunas
create an alkali environment in the body,
this encourages rapid detox, easy weight loss and muscle healing.
In my personal experience it was a
game changer. Since 2011 I’ve used
it a few times a week during which
time  I discovered that  just 10
minutes reduces my pain and alters my mood.
These outcomes are not placebo ,
they are a result of  the rapid  alkalizing
affect of all  far infrared saunas.

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