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Fingers crossed my  room is restored asap. CGU insurance has removed the carpet and is currently drying the floor .  Once the  room is dry  the floor will then be sealed. Then I’ll choose new carpet.


Thank you for visiting  my web site, Yarra Valley Yoga School.
My name is Lib I’m 57 yrs going on 37.  I’ve been teaching hatha yoga in HEALesville since 1999, in fact I’ve taught over 5000 classes  in the Yarra Valley Since 1999. I feel very blessed and I hope I can be of use to you on your healing journey .

All of my Yoga classes begin with 30 minutes of absolute stillness, during which time you will learn scientifically proven meditation techniques, including Pranayam aka controlled breathing whilst laying down on my extremely lush pure wool cream carpet, supported by pillows & blankets.

MY intent is to be of use to you, to  build you up, to make you realize that you are amazing and that  you  can  heal your own body. The only thing that is missing is information. Once the body becomes more alkali than acidic we begin to think differently, we become smarter ! or a better way to say that is~ when we r alkali, we are simply the best version of ourselves.






I humbly offer you the following amazing ancient skills and ideas with the intent to usher you to good health

Yin Yoga. Meditation. Iyengar Yoga. Pilates.On-line Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. EFT aka Tapping. Weekend Retreats. Quantum Healing

 WHAT TO EXPECT in a normal yin class : We begin with 30 mins of stillness. You will be laying down , legs up on a pillow, you are  wrapped in a clean white cotton doona. You will listen to my voice and lovely Sanskrit prayer. I will gently lead you into a very relaxed state, Where your brain waves slow down to what is known in the science community as the ‘relaxation response’ or ‘alpha brain wave’. If you have truly surrendered you will drop into ‘theta brain wave’ where deep quantum healing takes place. We remain laying down for the first 30 mins of every class. If you have a bad back I can make you very  comfy too. I  specialize in backs.

What follows is a slow gentle series of sleepy stretches aka ‘Yin Yoga’, a few easy ‘Iyengar’ stretches, basic Pilates and breath work. The out come is a total body mind workout .

 We take lots of rests in between each posture so we never sustain injures. I encourage an emphasis on breath awareness at all times.

Anyone can do Hatha yoga but to achieve still mind whilst in a posture requires intent and practice. I want to encourage each student to really ‘feel’ every tiny sensation of  the body, to reconnect to their body. I also feel strongly that it doesn’t matter what a posture looks like as long as you are experiencing a good stretch in the absence of pain.
As soon as we try too hard at any pursuit, we are at risk of producing  the hormone ‘cortisol’, the stress hormone.
Interestingly the science tells us a Meditative mind requires the absence of cortisol, so least effort always applies. We are here to nurture not torture.

Thanks for taking the time to read my web site when so many of us are too busy to read at all.

libbymitchell108@gmail.com         03 59622073  leave a  message,  I will call you back.

♥ LOVE AND LIGHT♥ Om Shanti Om  ♥peace x lib♥


WeEkly drOpin YIN hAThA YoGa

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