ABOUT ME ~HER -STORY. Im in love with life to day, but I cant promise you how I’ll feel tomorrow. After 30 odd years of reading absorbing and working with  what I believe to be some of the best books ever written by some of the most ingenious men and women of our time, I must conclude, Life is still a mystery to me.In fact the further down the rabbit hole I go the less I know. So I surrender I relax and commit to staying well so that I may enjoy this strange phenomena called life.


I LOVE ART.  I deem my art therapy better than any counselor.

2010 art therapy ~ black felt tip pen on board

SACRED GEOM stencils .water colour pencils on board 2015


all of this food is from my yard -summer 2017, the raspberries have an important job..they take the place of vaccines..in others words they inoculate me.. im Never ill and I NEVER VACCINATE .

 TREE CHANGE   > the search for good soil >PERMACULTURE

I’m a   city girl . Fitzroy was my beloved home  and the closet thing to New York City in Australia  to me at least but its no place to raise a child. The pollution alone was bad, the soil was full of lead. I knew if I couldn’t feed my child home grown  organic food there , I would find a place where I could.   I began looking for towns with good soil. It was a simple as that. A few yrs later, I was care taking -renting a permaculture property in Narbethong.  Narby is a tiny town between Healesville and Marysville. we lived there for 2 yrs.  Realizing it was bit too far out I moved in the township of healesville and bought  this  home, with the intent to create a  food garden, a yoga school.  a paradise really. I was successful .My daughter and I thrived . Permaculture doesn’t mean your garden will look like an instragram garden. My garden is messy. Its  full of flowers for the bees with a few crops scattered and big old trees . I will not break my back. Instead if I need organic food I go to the local market or to the health food store . I have been very successful with summer/autumn foods. I have   massive fig, a massive fuzzy peach, which I leave for the birds, a massive crop of raspberries, toms, spuds and herbs and that’s enough. I don’t  garden over winter I allow the soil to rest. I throw food on it.I allow it to become feral .This way its full of microbes so that when we plant out in the late spring when the ground has thawed the soil is rich in nutrients and ready to go


organic vegan pizza. most of the ingredients are from my yard. i buy onions i buy bread- always organic .

TEACHER ARCHETYPE     I began teaching when I was a kid, it came naturally . At 12 yrs of age I was teaching ballet to tiny totts, then later in my 20’s  I taught at John Morrey  School  of Hairdressing as a  hair color technician .

NEW YORK    It was my hairdressing world that led me to a very exciting 2 yr chapter in New York. Below is a Polaroid of a job as a makeup artist  when i was at FORDS. This a favorite because the Twin Towers  were alive with color in the background.The pick was  taken beneath the Brooklyn Bridge


1986..i lived and worked in NEW YORK ..at FORDS.. as a makeup artist. this is a Polaroid of one of my jobs…I LOVE IT because of the TWIN TOWERS IN THE BACK GROUND.

I worked at FORDS modelling agency as a make up artist  from 1986 -87. The obvious beauty myth scenario got under my skin, I truly couldn’t stomach it. I found my self a great part time job in a super funky hair salon in spring street Soho called SO HAIR.
That was then. It was a crazy time, I enjoyed a life style that might kill me now.  It almost did me in then. I’m grateful I survived. Ironically whilst I was at my most  NIHILISTIC I discovered Yoga. I WAS SAVED.

I’ve mellowed now, 30 yrs of meditation  ~ contemplation and yoga  will change anyone, if that is what they truly desire .

 BALLET> MANGLED PELVIS  My first love was ballet.  I began at 5 yrs of age. by the time I was 12 I was being groomed for the ozzie ballet school . During that time I sustained an injury that would last a life time . My right hip was damaged from being forced to over extend. we had no idea what was to come .

HERNATION #1    1981  21 yrs    Ballet then hairdressing compounded the pelvic injury. At 21 I was a mess. my spine collapsed . I had traction with big leather straps in hospital . Very old school but I wish they ‘d bring it back. It was amazing. the pain set in it was during these years i became familiar with serious pain relief drugs. The addict is ENCOURAGED  over and over by the doctors.

HERNIATION #2    1990  30 yrs   MELBOURNE UNI- GUILD DANCE THEATRE  dance at melbourne uni  – to be completed . CODINNE ADDICTION

 HERNIATION #3  2010 >   ~ Of the 3  L4 L5 herniation’s the last was in 2010. I was teaching makeup for photography at tafe, when one day my spine just gave up.  I had been in pain for months but I was a single mum with a 16 yr old teen in high school, it was a very expensive time.  I had to work full time to put food on the table so I took pain relief. The disk eventually herniated to the point  of no return. Surgery became the doctors MANTRA

  I DON’T DO THE KNIFE,  I’m a self healer..so I set out to heal my spine  and I did .

2 yrs later 2012    The long term use of  pannadinne forte turned me into an   ANGRY JUNKIE. IT WAS A LIVING HELL.

I WAS DISGUSTED with my self

CHANGE WAS essential

Shortly after I discovered that no dis~ease can exist in an alkali solution. I then began the very long exciting and grueling journey of changing my body acid alkali balance . I KNEW ALL OF THE DOCS  THE DRUGS WOULD PREVENT HEALING.  i had to detox

I also learned via DR BRUCE LIPTON  that our belief systems literally trump all science. Another inconvenient truth. This belief  meant I WAS IN CONTROL It was the GOLDEN TICKET.

2013  Even though I was in acute leg and  foot nerve pain I  decided to DETOX from All pharmacology  in the pursuit to BECOME MORE ALKALI .  I knew this was the best path  in every cell of my being- it was a mighty task.

In order to heal my spine and  nerves I had to be 100% committed for at least 3 years-7 years. I HAD  my work cut out for me


We have trillions of cells… HEALING my cellular body was the path so I researched .  The outcome > I gained a new understanding of all disease. I simply needed to be alkali  in order  to heal.  Becoming alkali was like having a NEW ART CANVAS..it  made sense… once I was alkali I WOULD HEAL NATURALLY was my belief   <  I became an ORGANIC VEGAN , I  listened to   PRAYER and MEDITATION  all day and every night and slept with  528 HERZ & 936 HERZ  aka solfeggio frequencies .

SOUND HEALING aka HEALING HERZ    Solfeggio Frequencies  –  were  gifted to us by ST JOHN. this is worthy of researching.

2014  The sciatic nerve had been crushed for approx 3 years now, leading to peripheral nuropathy.~~ MY NEW  NIGHTMARE.

PERIPHERAL  NUROPATHY aka MANGLED AGONIZING  NERVES is  VERY common. Unfortunately  most folk accept the diagnosis , they DONT RESEARCH how they got to this point.  they blindly trust  trust their doctor  and end up in a chair , not me.

There are 2 kinds of NUROPTHAY-   Acquired  Nuropathy – the nerves were crushed in an accident>THAT’S ME..or DIABETIC nuropathy – long term  poor life style choices have created chronic nerve inflammation  > NOT ME

2014 ~   BIG TIME HEALING > I eliminated WiFi from my home – got rid of my iphone to minimize harmful EM RADIATION  – became organic  vegan.

the out come  > lost lots of  NASTY BODY FAT —  including the fat round my heart muscle and liver…REDUCED all inflammation  —   eventually  healed.

2018   Now  at 58 I’ve beaten IT ALL… BRAVO ME.  While I was healing my legs and spine I incidentally healed  my osteo~arthritis in my spine and neck, long term high blood pressure, long term depression, long term lower back pain and lastly long term insomnia.

The point is~when we are more alkali than acid we will eventually heal. AND When we begin a NEW CONVERSATION with ourselves we will  CEMENT this healing . eg:  a good conversation might be… ”’IF I stay on track  100% and completely  trust my process with out ever doubting it I know I will have 100% success”       This belief is totally opposed to the current popular belief that only the DOCTOR can heal you. Even tho our gps and nurses are truly innocent, in truth the doctor and big pharma are part of a massive MULTI  BILLION DOLLAR PER ANNUN scam..”keep em sick””  keep them dependent” that is the main reason cannabis is still illegal .

JUST DOING the” work”, eating  appropriately, etc isn’t enough, we must exist in a some what euphoric state ~ in the firm  and often unusual belief  that we are ALREADY HEALING !   All we need is time and a fixed awareness,  a fixed routine and TIME

Blissing out is” MY WORK ”..I avoid booze meat and angry folk


2017   THE BUTTERFLY emerges … in brief~~after  7 long years  on the floor~ living as a recluse ~ I have healed my spine and my legs but cannot feel my feet… Yet.

LATE 2017     fell  on a clean slippery floor and broke my left upper fema..aka my hip, tore right shoulder cough. that was 4 months ago no . its  all healed very nicely.

SPRING 2018  I’m pretty much fully recovered from all ills and am focusing on private classes .LIFE IS GOOD.


GRATEFUL    My healing journey  lasted 7 years, during which time my  my agenda altered dramatically HEALING was all that mattered…. the yoga school partially closed  I only  taught 3 or 4 Classes a week~ I visited  Magnetic Island  off the coast of Townsville many times  ~~as part of my healing process.

LOVE BUT DON’T OWN THE ILLNESS.    ” THE” injury not” MY” INJURY  was my greatest alli. My life has changed in ways I could never have imagined . Now I’m committed to NEVER allowing any pain of any kind to persist.  I now know the injury occurred only because I  ignored the pain. To make life tolerable I took pain relief everyday. I became an addict . The legal drugs destroyed my bone density . By the time I was 50 , my old injured spine just crumbled.

NOW MY DAY consists of zero stress, eating really well, not working  for more than 3 hrs a day. I  garden ,  I dance and stretch  every day.   I walk everywhere , I have no mobile phone~I use a camera and a landline.

MY OLD OFFICE….the yoga room….due to 3 massive floods late 2017  it closed.. I am now living in it and i LOVE IT


In 2001  I  studied permaculture ~ organic sustainable farming in 2001, with local permaculture guru , Graeme George.  Now i grow organic herbs for all of my  medicinal needs .


1987-Whilst living in Washington DC, my hubbies home town, I began an on line Naturopathy course of which I completed herbalism and Iridology,  but it was  cut short abruptly when I decided to leave my hubby and come home. So even though I did not get a diploma I know alot and apply it all  daily. I hope I  can be of use to you.  I do know this , if we are to rely on our doctors  to usher us to  into old age we may be very disappointed.


If you managed to read all of this ~ thank you. MY intent is to be of use to you , to  build you up , to make you realize that you are amazing and that  you  can  heal your own body .The only thing that is missing is information. Once the body becomes more alkali than acidic we begin to think differently, we become smarter ! or a better way to say that is~ when we r alkali , we are simply the best version of ourselves.

If you are in any way interested below is my  cv.


1996– 1998 formal teacher training with VALDA MOORE @CAE. Council of Adult edu. CBD. Melbourne

2001 formal teacher training with JANI BAKER @ AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF CLASSICAL YOGA Black burn. Melb

2005 formal teacher training with KIMBERLY GARLIC @ PILATES INSTITUTE OF   AUSTRALIA



April -Nov 2002 “NARI” (National aging Research institute) Healesville Vic 2 Yoga classes per week for 26 weeks 6 female students. 50-70 years of age.

Sept-Oct 2003 “INERGISE AUSTRALIA” (veterans affairs) Healesville Vic 1 Yoga class per week, with Vietnam vets all with post traumatic stress disorder.

July-Sept2006 “HEALESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL” Healesville Vic 9 Yoga/Pilate‟s classes per term.

Sept 2009 RACV Healesville COUNTRY CLUB 3 Yoga / Meditation classes over the weekend with chef extraordinaire SHERRY STRONG. Complimenting her organic detox weekend.

2009 – 2010 INDULGE SPA  various one day yoga , pilates, and meditation  events at Indulge Spa for private  clients.

2009 Balgownie for ANZ  ~ 1/2 day yoga meditation events for ANZ EXECS , focusing on gentle de-stress hatha yoga and spinal care

2009 Yarra Valley Conference Centre for YOORALLA . YIN hatha yoga and breath work ~caring for carers.

  Jan 2009  RACV COUNTRY CLUB HEALESVILLE   2 HR Yoga /Pilates workshop held out doors


Jan 1998 – Feb 1999 “STKILDA YOGA SCHOOL”(“Skys”),Acland St St.Kilda Melb~~2 classes per week

March 1998-nov 1999 “BUSY BODY GYM” ~Johnson St, Fitzroy Melb ~~3 classes per week

July 1999-nov 1999 “HUNTS GYM” Johnson St, Fitzroy Melb ~1 class per week

OCTOBER 1999~~Moved from Fitzroy to Yarra Valley for a tree change ~IN TRUTH I WAS IN SEARCH FOR CLEAN AIR AND SOIL.

July 2000 – Present day~~Founded “YARRA VALLEY YOGA SCHOOL” Healesville

Up to 22 classes per week ~ yin Hatha yoga/Iyengar yoga/ theraputic pilates/Meditation/ dance

August 2003-04 REDHOUSE Warburton ~ 1 yoga  class per week

Sept 2006 – Dec 2009 BEACH HOUSE FITNESS CLUB Chirnside park ~~3 Yoga classes per week  /3 Pilates classes per week

Winter 2008  HEALESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL~~1 Yoga class for staff members per week

Autumn / Winter 2008  YARRA GLEN LIVING & LEARNING CENTER. ~~3 Yoga classes per week.

Sept 2008 – Dec 2009  YARRA GLEN LIVING & LEARNING CENTRE. ~~1 yoga class per week

2009 – 2009 HEALESVILLE LIVING AND LEARNING CENTRE~~3 Meditation classes per week / 1 high cardio dance class/ 1 Therapeutic Pilates class

 2009/10 HEALESVILLE LIVING & LEARNING ~~Tutor for cert 2 hairdressing cert 2 professional makeup services

2010 May – 2010 Nov  RACV COUNTRY CLUB  drop in weekly class  ~~ 1 Yoga /Pilates /Meditation class a week Sunday 10am – 11.30

present day  ~~ private classes / lots of art  and study are on the cards

my cv ends here~

108 blessings