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“During her training as a Ballerina with the National Theatre St. Kilda in the 1970’s Libby acquired a pelvic injury which led her to yoga. She has more than three decades experience as a Yoga, Meditation and Pilates instructor having trained under Valda Moore, Jani Baker and Kimberly Garlic. Libby has held numerous community and corporate retreats and operates a small Yoga school in Australia’s Yarra Valley since 1999 , where she is treasured by her students. She has also studied permaculture, herbalism and iridology and is passionate about the body’s capacity to overcome disease. Libby describes her intent “is to be of use to you, to build you up, to make you realize that you are amazing and that you can heal your own body”.

I’m 62.   I feel very blessed most days.  However after 30 odd years of reading, absorbing and working with what I believe to be some of the best books ever written by some of the most ingenious men and women of our time, I must conclude, Life is still a mystery to me. In fact the further down the rabbit hole I go the less I know. So I surrender to life’s duality knowing in my heart that even the saddest  or painful circumstances can teach us many valuable life  lessons.  I commit to staying well so that I may enjoy this strange phenomena called life.
I had no idea what to expect when a good friend dragged me to my first Iyenga yoga class at Melbourne University. My back was  always aching.  I knew I needed more than doctors pills and physios so I gave it a go. The class was fabulous.  My back felt great. The room it was held in was gorgeous. If you know Melbourne university you may agree that most of the halls and buildings are beautiful. It was magnificent experience.I was hooked. Yoga appealed to me in ways I didn’t understand.  I was 24.It was 1984.
Yoga became a big part of my life over night.  The philosophy filled me with light..the yoga postures made me feel alive and strong. My teacher Valda Moore  was aware of my love for it and  suggested I become a teacher. However at the point I was a hungry single mum, barely surviving on a pension so Valda offered me a 5 year internship. There was no question in  my mind .  I would do it gladly . On paper this would read as a 2 year  Iyenga diploma. During the internship I worked at stkilda yoga school and 3 different gyms in firtzroy. I had a blast. I was in my element.Teaching was easy for me. I had found my life’s work.
Tesspa, my only child arrived in 1993.  I had never known  the love that only  a mother can know.  30 years later still nothing compares.  The mother archetype is a potent vehicle.  It filled me with purpose, strength, confidence and joy. Tess and I were one.  I was ‘alive’ for the first time in my life. We lived in  Fitzroy. I was a single mum from Tess’s birth .Her father’s abandonment of us both could have made me bitter but instead I chose the yogi path and became a forgiveness expert. Fitzroy was awesome in so many ways, but I had a vision for my daughter and city living wasn’t part of it  so we high tailed it to the bush in search of fertile soil, clean air and a primary school that wouldn’t force me to vax my precious child.I was successful.
I thought I knew what love felt like. I did not. Not until I met my daughter.  When a new baby comes  alchemy occurs  deep within the psyche. We shift from maiden to mother archetype. This is a mighty powerful moment in our lives.
  Fitzroy was my beloved home, but its no place to raise a child. The pollution alone was bad, the soil was full of lead. I knew if I couldn’t feed my child home grown  organic food there , I would find a place where I could.   I began looking for towns with good soil. It was a simple as that.  Before long I found a rental  permaculture property in Narbethong. It was stunning.  Narbethong is a tiny town between Healesville and Marysville. We lived there for 2 yrs. Realizing it was bit too far out I moved in the township of Healesville and bought  this  home, with the intent to create a  food garden, a yoga school,  a paradise .
 I  studied permaculture ~ organic sustainable farming  with local permaculture guru , Graeme George.  Now I grow organic herbs for all of my medicinal  needs .
   My first love was ballet. I began at 5 years of age. I was very good at it. By the time I was 12 I was being groomed for the Australian ballet school.  At 14  I  was training at the National Theater with Kathleen Gorum. Miss Gorum believed I had promise and pushed me too far. I sustained a hip injury from being forced to over extend.  In fact Miss Gorum  put her entire body weight on my right shoulder whilst I  was in a split. Her weight forced me to the ground, tearing soft tissue in the  inguinal ligament aka the groin. If there is a bit of scar tissue on the inguinal it may affect the entire balance of the pelvis. What followed were 4 decades of  pelvic and spinal issues. This  Injury in ballet class  shaped my entire life to this day and is of course why I chose to become a yogi.
1987-Whilst living in Washington DC, my hubbies home town, I began an on line Naturopathy course of which I completed herbalism and Iridology, but it was cut short abruptly when I decided to leave my hubby and come home. So even though I did not get a diploma I know alot and apply it all daily.
I hope I can be of use to you.  I do know this , if we are to rely on our doctors  to usher us to  into old age we may be very disappointed.
If you are in any way interested below is my  cv.
1996– 1998 formal teacher training with VALDA MOORE @CAE. Council of Adult edu. CBD. Melbourne
2001 formal teacher training with JANI BAKER @ AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF CLASSICAL YOGA Black burn. Melb
2005 formal teacher training with KIMBERLY GARLIC @ PILATES INSTITUTE OF   AUSTRALIA
April -Nov 2002 “NARI” (National aging Research institute) Healesville Vic 2 Yoga classes per week for 26 weeks 6 female students. 50-70 years of age.
Sept-Oct 2003 “INERGISE AUSTRALIA” (veterans affairs) Healesville Vic 1 Yoga class per week, with Vietnam vets all with post traumatic stress disorder.
July-Sept2006 “HEALESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL” Healesville Vic 9 Yoga/Pilate‟s classes per term.
Sept 2009 RACV Healesville COUNTRY CLUB 3 Yoga / Meditation classes over the weekend with chef extraordinaire SHERRY STRONG. Complimenting her organic detox weekend.
2009 – 2010 INDULGE SPA various one day yoga , pilates, and meditation  events at Indulge Spa for private  clients.
2009 Balgownie for ANZ ~ 1/2 day yoga meditation events for ANZ EXECS , focusing on gentle de-stress hatha yoga and spinal care
2009 Yarra Valley Conference Centre for YOORALLA .YIN hatha yoga and breath work ~caring for carers.
Jan 2009  RACV COUNTRY CLUB HEALESVILLE 2 HR Yoga /Pilates workshop held out doors
Jan 1998 – Feb 1999 “STKILDA YOGA SCHOOL”(“Skys”),Acland St St.Kilda Melb~~2 classes per week
March 1998-nov 1999 “BUSY BODY GYM” ~Johnson St, Fitzroy Melb ~~3 classes per week
July 1999-nov 1999 “HUNTS GYM” Johnson St, Fitzroy Melb ~1 class per week
OCTOBER 1999~~Moved from Fitzroy to Yarra Valley for a tree change . I WAS IN SEARCH FOR CLEAN AIR AND SOIL.
July 2000 – Present day~~Founded “YARRA VALLEY YOGA SCHOOL” Healesville Up to 22 classes per week ~ yin Hatha yoga/Iyengar yoga/ therapeutic pilates/Meditation/ dance
August 2003-04 REDHOUSE Warburton ~ 1 yoga  class per week
Sept 2006 – Dec 2009 BEACH HOUSE FITNESS CLUB Chirnside park ~~3 Yoga classes per week  /3 Pilates classes per week
Winter 2008  HEALESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL~~1 Yoga class for staff members per week
Autumn / Winter 2008  YARRA GLEN LIVING & LEARNING CENTER. ~~3 Yoga classes per week.
Sept 2008 – Dec 2009  YARRA GLEN LIVING & LEARNING CENTER.~~1 yoga class per week
2009 – 2009 HEALESVILLE LIVING AND LEARNING CENTER~~3 Meditation classes per week / 1 high cardio dance class/ 1 Therapeutic Pilates class
2009/10 HEALESVILLE LIVING & LEARNING ~~Tutor for certificate 2 hairdressing  tutor  for cert 2 professional makeup services
2010 May – 2010 Nov RACV COUNTRY CLUB  drop in weekly class  ~~ 1 Yoga /Pilates /Meditation class a week Sunday 10am – 11.30
present day  ~~ post covid 2022   3 weekly drop in classes ,private classes, corporate classes events and retreats.
my cv ends here~
108 blessings
instagram: libbyyoga108
facebook:  Libby Mitchell  
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