Namaste. I’m  really excited to  announce that my Meditation Retreats will run monthly from Spring 2019. MORE INFO COMING

 Unfortunately I’m no longer doing drop in classes, however if you do need yoga, pilates  and or meditation i’m  taking private  classes.  A private  class is  ideal for one or two people

$30.00 for one hr 

$50.00 for two  hrs

In  a private with me  you get one on one attention.We shall discuss, explore, and attend to your new and old injuries.

 If you  wish, I’ll  give you  homework. – 1 or 2  simple  exercises and stretches that you have  done on the  day.

Ill teach you how to self heal and RE  WRITE yr past present and future This is QUANTUM HEALING – its not new- it’s as old as the hills.  We just forgot how clever we are.>>


You choose when we hold the session.


$50.00=  two hours

  $30.00 = one hour


The Far Infra Red Sauna  lives in the yoga room – see pic. Its a 2 seater. The science suggests this kind of sauna is a rapid alkalizer, in other words its really good medicine as no dis-EASE can exits in AN ALKALI ENVIRONMENT.

A sauna alone costs between $20 -$40 in the yarra valley, so I think this is awesome value.


FAR INFRARED SAUNA: rapid alkalizer

EASY PILATES : THERAPEUTIC > PELVIC/ SPINAL ALIGNMENT>I  teach simple easy pilates  moves and stretches , at the same time the student gives me feed back about how that feels. This gives me important information as the body is highly intelligent. Working this way slowly helps eliminate old soft tissue pain THROUGHOUT THE  ENTIRE BODY , eventually allowing for actual pilates (see below) where we go hard  and  create interior/ core strength and a new body if are willing to practice at home daily.

GENERAL PILATES :   BUILD CORE STRENGTH >PELVIC FLOOR >pilates combines yoga stretches and pretty triky moves that Joseph Pilates invented.  It was the early  1900’s he was a dancer a boxer a yogi and a trapaese artist ,  war broke out, he found himself imprisoned  but  as well he had  an injured spine and no one to help so he decide to heal himself whilst on his bunk – he adapted all kinds of found objects to aide his healing.   …genius   I love it. You will too . i think its the quickest way to get results…but we do need to practice at home.. ill give u a few exercises to practice each week. I was never a fan of home work but when it comes to our bodies …home work is essential.  id like daily exercise to become everyone’s habit.

Regardless of how wonderful Pilates is like all things if done incorrectly can easily injure us. So when practicing it we must put our ego away and go slow .  until the core strength is such that u cannot injure ur spine… then its a free for all 😉

BOOT CAMP PILATES  : BODY SCULPT>HI CARDIO>we can only go a head with boot camp pilates  if  your spine pelvis are %100 .You MUST NOT  HAVE SCIATICA   .

Boot camp Pilates is a blast.  I used to teach it with loud music to about 20 young women . It didn’t take long for us to be  dripping wet .  Its pretty much like being in a gym.  I give you challenging  work to complete . You breath thru it.. and get super  fit, however like all things injuries can occur…I cant feel what the student feels.. so ask the student to stop immediately  if pain begins… the old no pain no gain is bs… fact is  . pain is a warning system .

EASY YIN YOGA :  THERAPEUTIC >very gentle, easy stretches mostly  seated or laying down with a focus on gentle controlled breath work. Using  a chair instead of the floor is ok too.

IYENGA YOGA : DIFFICULT YOGA > when you are   fit and strong I’m happy to go there, but until the hips knees back are string I will not .  when  I was a 20 yr old Iyengar yoga was  fashionable.  It became  my  first love in the yoga realms.Unfortunately I’ts very patriarchal in nature,push push – ignore all pain !  Eventually it caused  much un wanted stress on my some what broken ballet body so I  let go of the mind set and approached the same postures with a yin-soft- mind.

PRANAYAMA : BEGINNERS BREATHWORK  >  MAXIMIZE OXYGEN IN BLOOD  > SOOTH VEGUS NERVE  >  BALANCE BRAIN CHEMISTRY Breathing isn’t rocket science, we’ve all been doing it day and night for our entire lives . I use a simple de stress breath in for 3 out for 3…  and hold…always ia the  nostrils  , however   if your nose is blocked  ,you     may have may issues with your  diet.

Its very important to remember that when ever we are ill we are  wise to   eliminate all animal product  and all sugar for a while .

back to the breath   if it feels good allow the 3 count to gently grow.. eg for 6 out for 6 …always counting not thinking never  speaking to ur self … just trust always u got this .

I find most new students love it..

There are a few rules..:

breath via nostrils.. take it easy ..dont get distracted.

The difficult part of breath work is  discipline. We need to do  it for  more than a few minutes…. 10 mins  at least is a good start.

NUTRITIONAL ADVICE : .SOME FOOD IS MEDICINE  > SOME WILL KILL US SLOWLY >  I studied natural medicine in USA in the 80s. I didn’t certify as I  came  home to Oz .  However I did learn alot and have applied it since 2001  ive grown herbs for  heart disease ….all bacterial issues… insomnia..low blood pressure etc  etc … the majority of my knowledge is based on herbalism and bowel cleansing , managing pain naturally via  alkalizing the body with good food.  I’ve also studied permaculture aka sustainable organic farming , and learned a lot about the nutritional value of the weeds that grow naturally among us in our back yards . Providing we have never sprayed the area  with weed killer these weeds  really are super foods with the  best nutrition ever.

MEDITATION :  ”GO WITHIN OR GO WITH OUT” >   THE GOOD NEWS IS IF U DO THE BREATH WORK  FOR LONG ENOUGH YOU WILL MEDITATE.       Over the past 23 yrs I have  fine tuned 7 scientifically  very easy meditation techniques…..They are not new, I did not invent them, I make no claim to them as many healers do . But I have studied  and practiced them thoroughly. Ive  taught them in over 700o classes thus have  proof they work


>>scroll down to find– the 7 paths to Samadhi.<<



ALL private classes include a far infrared sauna-clothes on or off. Pictured here is Chloe having a snooze. The sauna is in the yoga room. Its cozy and very private .

the yoga room now- set up for private sessions



samadhi  is a  state of intense concentration achieved through meditation and is  the means used to dive through consciousness.

1/BREATHE Breathwork-pranayam-withdraw the senses /quiets the mind /balances the ph of the bloodgas

2/ LISTEN Listening aka  Suni-ai – to with draw the senses  from the  outer world and to focus only on the tiniest of  sounds or to prayer/mantra . .This will lead to a quiet mind.

3/ FEEL Feeling-pratyahara-to withdraw  the senses from the outer world.  Focus on the smallest of physical sensations  like the temperature of the air as it enters and then leave the nostrils. This too will quiet the mind.

4/COUNT I like to use  counting to break the habit of  ordinary thinking aka vritti svarupya. I count when I breathe. Mala beads fall into this catagory .They have 108 beads.  Counting to 108 or repeating anything 108 times is potent work . I DO IT DAILY .my most repeated mantra is THANKU ♥  Why thank u  ?  ive done enough research in the world of resonance and vibration  to beleive that being grateful creates great ness   thus great outcomes .

5/CREATE  creative visualization-to break  the very real addiction to worry and doubt  aka ordinary thought.

 6/ SING

7/  PRAY HONOR THE REALMS BEYOND THE VEIL > my prayer rituals have nought to do with going to church. Prayer is wise .






Many of my regular students are benefiting from doing yoga at home you can too.

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