WeEkly drOpin YIN hAThA YoGa


Hello, Namaste.

please call me if u wish to know more 59622073♥

Ive broken my left femur neck  and torn the  left  shoulder rota tor cuff . I’ve had surgery. No need for hip replacement, just a screw thingy. For gory details, metaphysical insights and my zero antibiotic holistic healing journey go to www.facebook.com/libbymitchell2012


My weekly casual classes are my joy . I’ve taught over 5000 casual classes in HEALesville since 1999.


I feel my little yoga school has become part of the furniture for many in these parts. I liken our yoga room to my church or Temple. Certainly many of my very spiritual students feel a tremendous sense of love and holding in my Yoga Room.

All of my casual classes are a blend of gentle Yin Yoga, easy Iyengar seated stretches, therapeutic Pilates, Pranayam aka breath work and Meditation .
They are ALL Safe for bad backs.

My classes are also perfect for gorgeous pregnant goddess’s. I know in my he

art that the most important thing in my life is being a mother.I have the most AMAZING 23 yr old goddess child.  She is my holy grail. I honor and adore all pregnant woman, and I know they can only benefit from yoga in my room, even if they only come to nap for an hr or so, which happens alot.

Certainly my classes are not for everyone. I welcome new comers always. If my work is not yr cup of tea there are many others to choose from in the area.

Generally speaking Yin Yoga is for everyone who experiences any form of stress. Be it fatigue from over work or too much play. Be it disappointment and melancholy because life is to bland , or too hard.

Yoga practiced daily brings the mind and heart  back into an innocent and equanemous state of being , which affords us  deep gratitude and acceptance . Yoga will always leave you feeling better, no matter how horrendous you feel before hand.

Lastly, The very best reason to do yoga , in my humble opinion is it’s one of the best preventative medicines. The science is overwhelming, and I’m proof. I never get ill. I strain muscles because I exercise too much , but I never get ill. fingers crossed!

To ensure the energy in the room remains true and pure I’ve rarely hired it out and when I did it was because the teacher had a Divine Energy . The yoga rooms’ energy is as important as the food I eat . I regularly smudge with organic frankincense and before and during each class I use a ‘Honeywell’ Ionizer with a Hepa Air Filter so we can always be assured the air quality and the energy in the room are pure. I Love clean air. I spend alot of time at Maroondah Dam taking pictures of flowers  and trees. This was taken one sunny day recently . winter 2017 .

Lastly, I’m afraid my family of Feline’ come before my bank balance, so if you are allergic to cats you may want to find another class. The cats were born here, this is their home , to me they are no different to small innocent children . I respect them enormously and hope all of my students do too.

Call me now  on 59622073  ♥  love n blessings x  lib


Online Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Namaste ,    Yoga is an ancient  1700 year old philosophy.   Many young people   are becoming yoga teachers  in a matter of 200 hrs , with out really knowing   that yoga  is a massive body of philosophical aphorisms ~ ideas  with a few 100  postures attached . They spend a few thousand  dollars, they  have an amazing experience in Bali , yet are UN-employable when they return home, not only because  they did not learn yoga , but because yogi is so fashionable, I suspect there are  millions of qualified yoga teachers out there who are actually UNQUALIFIED,  resulting in a GLUT of bad yoga teachers . This will water down the potent nature of yoga.So typical of western culture… what a mess.

  If yoga is more than postures what is it  exactly?  YOGA=YOLK  to connect or JOIN  the body spirit and mind. ONCE  one becomes  a true yogi they  will move through life as wise intelligent beings  with no injury or ego,  no desire for fame wealth , just a simple  desire for harmony and  LOVE . According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras  The bulk of yoga is about  STILL MIND – MEDITATION. The postures exist to facilitate sitting for hrs..the postures never existed before Meditation.

Yoga doesn’t begin and end in the yoga room .When a person becomes a yoga teacher they become a yogi 24 hrs a day . It is simply a humble kind loving  way of life .

My course is designed to be thorough, slow and easy.  I was a  single mum, So I know how hard it is to get anything done, whilst being a great parent,  even if there is a dad  looming. TIME is my gift to you. Take one year ~ take 5 years. This is a  long drawn out potent alchemic experience during which I mentor you  weekly or monthly . Yoga will heal Yr life  .

 Once I’ve agreed we will do this together, we will have a 3 month cooling off period where either one of us can stop the process. In which case all money is refunded.    If we do go a head the process is very simple. It has to be simple  because I don’t like computers. Lately  I limit my self to 3 hrs a day .  SO , if we go ahead,  I  send you  an email with video of me teaching one posture. approx 10 mins long.  and written work to go with the posture. You  study the video for a week a month a year ..You take notes..then  you send me a video and written work back…we go at a snails pace.. in truth the curriculum may take another year to write. I’m only 1/5 way thru it. I have 27 yrs of gnosis to condense into it, and given I’m not a writer by trade it will be a glorious  long slow mountain to climb.

cost $972 … This is a a Pythagorean number♥

time frame 1~5 years

start anytime~♥






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