Ecstatic dance is something many of us have experienced with out calling  it ecstatic dance.
Interestingly, ecstatic dance is taken very seriously in many circles.
According to my research the name “Ecstatic dance” originated from Osho.
Osho, founder of the Multiversity in PUNA, INDIA who is no long with us, taught ecstatic dance at his university .
There is great deal of info about it and there are many people teaching it now. I notice a lot of people do not include the end relaxation ,which is ok , but I think they miss the point of it when they don’t include  it.
I’ve studied OSHO’S philosophy thoroughly and the science of short bursts of excersize and  I understand that when we really dance hard “as tho no one is watching” we may experience a rush of beneficial hormones, that cause a cascade effect within  our delicate physiology, leading to more serotonin , more melatonin thus  better sleep  less anxiety and more joy.
Immediately after the dancing we lay down on comfy mats  for about 10 mins and let go…we must rest completely. Im not going to call it meditation because we are really just catching our breath and LISTENING.. this is about SOUND HEALING… see my solfeggio page .
During his time of relaxing for about 10 mins while  listening to amazing sound healing  the physiology experiences many benefits from the newly oxygenated body…..then we finish off with 5 mins of easy beginners yoga breath work…further enhancing oxygenation of the cellular body.
The OUT COME  a highly oxygenated,relaxed and alkali body.